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I was in college when Mr. Watterson ended the strip and was old enough to understand why, although it still made me very sad. Fast forward 2 hours and my friend posts a link to your art on my facebook page. I immediately went in search of the source and found this page. I was not familiar with your work before today, and rarely do I engage on an internet forum or website of a person with whom I am not personally familiar.

I understand and commend your hesitation to offer a print of this for sale, and I am aware of why you would be reluctant to reach out to Mr. Watterson to receive permission. However, on behalf of all the middle-aged persons who are sitting behind their computers at work today fighting back a tear or two as we appreciate your art, Mr.

I have a feeling there will be more than one copy printed out on a company printer and taped up to the wall next to a monitor anyways, but I suspect most people would rather have something they could frame and hang. Further, as the attorney for my favorite artist my wife , I know it would allow you to garner some of the benefits of your labor, with which there is nothing wrong.

From what I have read of Mr. But I hope that amongst the throngs of comments and adulation, my words here help convince you to make a buck or two from this, with the added benefit of allowing us to share your art with the world…or at least those that wander into my office. A beautiful tribute and an important message. I have shared this with my social network because I want more people to think about this.

Thank you Gav for creating this! You seem to have similar humble greatness in you as you admire in him. I hope all goes well for you. I just last night had a long conversation with my fiancee about the more depressing aspects of my work life and how they resonate in my personal life and she said something along the very same lines as this quote. Needless to say, when I saw it this morning, I was extremely moved. In fact, I sat at my desk crying, but in a good way.

You and Mr. Watterson are excellent examples for all young, aspiring creatives out there. Thank you again. When I first read that comic, I found it insulting and woefully ignorant. To add salt to the wound, your justification for creating the comic was also arrogant and dismissive. I still hate that comic, but I cannot deny your talent as artist. This website was a part of my weekly rituals throughout my final years in college. I appreciate the depth of the quotes you select, and your art style is easy on the eyes.

I came back to this website because my cousin posted this comic on Facebook. Bill Watterson, like many, is a favorite of mine too. You may work out the details or I will, but this one is required……. Calvin and Hobbes is one of my favorite favorite favorite comics which has that timeless quality to it. Thank you.. You can see Mr. On my shelf I have copies 1st editions-mind you of all of the books except the hardbound collection.

I did not buy that one as the smaller books are more personal, easy to refer to and re-live. The more formal the book the less likely you are to want to damage it by reading. I miss Calvin and Hobbes adventures still today, but leaving the strip at its peak is better than letting them drift along…. This was sent to me via Facebook and I have to thank you for making this. This also means that I am a stay at home dad and I get to go on school trips with my kids and really be there for them. I just really wanted to thank you for taking the time to draw this up and sharing it with all of the world.

You rock dude! Well said.. We here in the West are lucky, because some cultures are violently intolerant of iconoclasts in their midst.. Love it… this is absolutely beautiful and so poignant. We are truly lucky to be living in a time where we have so many choices about how to make our lives beautiful by our definition.

We can cultivate lives :. Your strip just vent viral. Got it from three different sources in one day — unrelated sources, that is. Great work Gavin! And the overwhelng response is as much to your creation as well as it is for Watterson. And loved your brief story as well. Know something?

Thanks again Gavin! I have always loved Calvin and Hobbes since I was in my teens and have kept them with me until recently in my 40s when I passed them down to my niece. They spoke to me somehow but I never realised until now that Watterson was really teaching me about living a life worth living. I just wanted to add my appreciation for this strip. A great tribute to a great cartoonist! At least you would be able to buy Hobbes dolls, but nobody would want them.

Yup, gotta be thankful for our current outcome. Has Watterson ever cracked down on the Calvin-urinating bumper stickers on jacked-up trucks? Those vehicles deserve a swift application of a key. Concur with all of the above. I need a poster of this to hang in the office I share with my husband.

I ask you to at least reach out to BW and ask him for permission or his blessing to turn this into a print. It is one of the most inspiring messages for entrepreneurs, mavericks, and all those who follow our dreams. I have to respectfully disagree, the greatest cartoonist is Charles Schultz. Watterson comes in a close second.

I almost thought Watterson drew it himself. I do want to tell you, though, that you need to embrace the kudos for this one. Your comic is exquisite perfection. The question of whether I made the right choice seems more clear today. I would like to know how it would be done here on Zen Pencils.

Marcus Condit Quotes (Author of Zen and the Art of Financial Independence)

Mr Watterson is a very very wise man. I just had my 67th birthday and I can tell you from experience…Chasing the Title and almighty Dollar almost ruined my life…I missed my kids growing up until they were adults and lost my son at age I never got to spend the time with him and tell him how much he meant to me…I always thought there would be plenty of time to do it in the future. It only happens once.

I am now making up for it with my Grand-kids. This is excellent. Our whole family loves Calvin and Hobbes and your tribute is inspiring! I once wrote to Mr. Watterson and he wrote back with custom letterhead and envelope. It was amazing and inspiring. I still have in a box somewhere and should just get it framed. I LIVED for Calvin and Hobbes as a child and am only now understanding the valuable principals that the comic strip taught me at a young age.

My whole life has been influenced by Bill Watterson and I think that this strip would make him very proud. I encountered you for the first time today because of this strip. It makes me want to cry each time. This fits my husband to a tee and answers all those who have told him not to be satisfied with where he is, or what he is, or what he is doing.

Thank you for lifting my heart, and reminding me why I love Bill Watterson as an artist.


Thanks so much for the art and words. Wait, so this depicts the guy as refusing to socialize with his co-workers, making him kind of a dick? Hey there! Keep up the great work! Beautiful comic, and a great tribute to Watterson. I took the liberty of translating this one to spanish for my wife and co-workers, I hope Gavin is ok with it. Bill Watterson needs to come out of seclusion to give you a nod of Kudos. This was an inspiring piece needed for me at this time! I need this in print. I homeschool three kids, one with profound special needs. But this, really spoke to me. Bill waterson and Gary Larson are two comic strip authors who will never fade away.

They will remain funny throughout time. Our great great grandchildren should have to read both strips as probably at minimum high school requirements.

Just brilliant. And the strip was 20 years old! But I do have the works of Larson and waterson. Good enough for me! Please let me know when this print gets added to your library of available prints. Very well done Gav! It certainly hits on the artistry and the emotion. A can respect your position but a print of this would be super cool.

I was a little young when the comics came out too. Sometimes hours! I love your site and the work you do, but this is one of my favorites for sure! Keep up the good work! Um, gulp, awesome. Story of my life. Thank god there are still people who value things other than money. Many humourists have tried and failed, but for Watterson it always seems choosing my words carefully there effortless. Awesome — great job with this! Calvin and Hobbes continues to be my 1 comic and even though I still read it daily thanks mycomics page!

I miss it terribly. If the integrity of Bill could be distilled and used as a vaccination in small children just think of how much nicer this country would become. I am so glad his creativity continues to inspires others. What an amazing legacy. Thank you, great! Different and forgotten time period, but KK was amazing, even more so considering it was created years ago.

Bill W cites it as his biggest influence, unsurprisingly, along with Pogo. George Herriman, the author, and Bill W would have got along great, probably. George was cut from a similar mold. This is wonderful. I am moved by this wonderful sentiment by someone that I regard as a personal hero. I am one of those probably very rare individuals who puts this kind of love of pursuit into my job.

The fact that my small contribution can lessen the stress in their daily lives gives me great pride and an immense feeling of accomplishment. But I constantly battle against the attitudes of my fellow IT guys, and my boss, who insist that I am just spoiling them and making my life harder by going the extra mile. I love what I do, and this wonderful message can be applied to that, too.

Your work is wonderful! The posters are great, too! I am a high school teacher in the North Texas metropolitan and have decorated my classroom with posters of inspirational quotes for my students. The ones you have done are great! Have you thought of possibly doing posters for the education field as well as the Christian community? Thanks for your wonderful contribution and may God bless you abundantly for following your passion and sharing it to the world.

This is so spot on! I was happy to read I am no the only one! I am so blown away by this post, the message and the overwhelming response from all the people sharing it. You combined words and art exquisitely to present a dilemma—with respect for the difficulty we all face—making decisions to sell out or not. This is a wonderful tribute! There are simple things in Calvin and Hobbes, like the extremely cartoony but somehow accurate version of a car speeding down the road, that reflect his obsession with drawing well. Great job on the art here. I, like many grew up with the Calvin and Hobbes collections although I was too young to understand much of the humor nor could I fully appreciate it for what it was.

All his books in English are still in my bookcase. His wit and wisdom brought me some unforgettable memories and also helped through different times. I was sad but fully understood. He had to move on and do his thing. So, thank you for 10 wonderful years. And Gavin, thanks for not selling out on Bill Watterson — you really understand his views on the medium … and you did a marvelous job! Peter from Switzerland. Hi, this is a very beautiful and inspirational cartoon! My first reaction when my cartooning son sent me the link to this cartoon, Gav, was to purchase a print for my classroom.

I hope that will become possible…. Hey I just wanted to commend you, like everyone else, in addition to thanking you for the incredible reminder. This strip had Calvin and Hobbes all over it from the start and I truly appreciate your hard work to bring so much entertainment for nothing more than online praise. But know that I will be following for as long as I can bear. Thanks, Gavin!

When I came from village then I was feeling bore. Then I searched on Google. Then she provided me best erotic massage and fun on my bed. She is really outstanding independent girl for me. Left my job to pursue a dream. I was working in the same company for 8 years. The pattern from the strips are just so real! Bill Watterson is an inspiration.

Your tribute is wonderful, and moreover your response to the requests for prints is admirable. Oh, I wish I could share this with the girl I adore! PS if you are reading this, I still think about you…. I just wanted to say that I really like this comic and that since discovering it I have gone through all the comics on your site.

I especially like this one and the ones from Robert Frost. Gav, I meant to write a thoughtful praise of this strip. This is stunningly beautiful in so many ways. Watterson is right there with yours. Thank you for giving expression to this sentiment through your art and of course, to BW for his words of wisdom. Love Calvin and Hobbs… Best saying from the strip. Why strive for intelligence when ignorance is instantaneous…. Hi Bill, can i translate to portuguese your HQ above and post it in facebook? Look very similar to my life… I will print and hang on my office wall too.

There are two things in my life where I actually grieved when they ended. My daughter already cherishes them she has an orca whale that she treats not so much unlike Hobbes , and I know she will re-read them throughout her life, each time getting more out of them than she did the previous time. I still laugh out loud at many of the strips… some still to the point of tears.

And I know.. And Gav.. Well, a lady I met who was a regular 9 to 5er and the editor for Peanuts eventually divorced her lay about homebound artistic husband and eventually got laid off herself due to office politics. This made me wonder how many stay-at-home-MOMs to two or just one children feel about that comparison.

Especially moms trying to keep their feet in the door of a professional creative career. Would it read the same or have a different message if it was drawn with the mom staying home and the dad going off to work? Calder Say? Creative freedom for one person often translates as a sacrifice for another. Great job at executing the drawing style.

Close, but not too close as to be seen as an attempt to copy. Realistic dinosaurs, Suzie the President, etc. A truly inspired tribute is always a playful one. Excellent work. Someone sent me the link to this my daughter — who is a struggling to get somewhere creative! And thanks for refusing to profit from the success of this. My Name is Betty. This is a testimony that i will tell every one to hear.

Stanley helped someone and i decided to give him a try to help me bring my Husband home and believe me i just send my picture to him and that of my husband and after 3day as he have told me, i saw a car drove into the house and behold it was my husband and he have come to me and the kids and that is why i am happy to make every one of you having similar problem to met with this man and have your lover back to your self.

His email address: drstanleyspelltemple hotmail. I want you to know how much I enjoyed your tribute to Bill Watterson. You have a lot of talent. I am struck with the message in this piece and would love to be able to buy a print, frame it, and give as gifts to everyone I know. This is an incredible message. Thank you for sharing this with the world. Thank you, more than I can say, for bringing the most important part of it back to me. Love what this cartoon expresses, it is exactly what I am having discover for myself after 26 years in a career that has ended badly.

You did an incredible job of capturing his style, probably because you are cut from the same cloth. Thanks for yet another wonderful, meaningful interpretation. Robert, I totally agree with you. Watterson and Gavin. And the fact that Gavin combined both is a huge treat!

AN immense amount of respect and honor to you for deciding NOT to sell this.

get link

Richard Gere’s Zen Exterior Cracking Under Weight of Divorce from Carey Lowell

Its just as easy to click on the link and re-read it. I wonder if anyone has a way to contact Mr. Watterson to see if he would be ok with a print being made for this. Does anyone have any contact info for him? A great cartoon script. Follow your own path and do what you love. I always thought of Bill Watterson when I saw your frames. I am so glad for the last frame of this comic. You have drawn it exactly like Calvin.

I am myself a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes and of the wisdom and fun bundled together and I do not know if I have ever liked any comic strip better than that. I love your websites and your selection of quotes and the beautiful artwork not only reflects my own thoughts and feelings but also inspires me to be more determined and follow my ideals.

This is a really good post! I am happy to read that I am not the only person reacting positively to it. I also left the corporate world at one point which did not make sense to any fellow ladder climbers and I am glad to read that loads of other people did it as well with the same state of mind. Quite moving, thanks for making this. Good looking out! But no worries. I emailed Gavin and asked him specifically for permission to republish his comics on my blog. Did I geek out like a fan when he actually emailed me back?

So it was pretty neat that he took the time to answer my fan mail. First of all, this is a fantastic and very inspirational piece. Kudos to Gavin and also to all the other sites that has credited his site and made it more known and popular! Thanks for giving us the benefit of the doubt Nicki!

Gavin also kindly granted us permission to use his comics. It was very cool of him! My friend at Goofballmagic. As a freelance illustrator with a young daughter but also a Calvin and Hobbes fan this hits the nail on the head in so many ways. Congratulations on excellent artwork to go with a great quote. Gavin, first of all, my congratulations on a wonderful piece of work!

Next, a big thank you for making my day and for lifting my spirits — at a time when they sorely needed lifting. I used to be a practising lawyer and I gave it up when it realised that it no longer felt right to me. I am now a fledgling blogger and writer and a stay at home dad. I can definitely relate to your journey and that of Mr. Your wonderful pictures and Mr. I am truly grateful.

Thanks man. I used to read and love Calvin and Hobbes back in the day. I will be getting back into them thanks to you. Great post! The fact that you means someone is reading and liking it! That is just beautifully represented and I shared it with my older daughter and son, both of whom are huge fans of Calvin and Hobbes.

Loving what you do will give you the satisfaction of a life well lived. The fram with the dad working at the drawing table while his daughter plays in the play pen reminds me of when I was freelancing and caring for my daughter while my wife worked out of the home. Any chance I could get a high-res of just that frame? Very well written post. It will be supportive to everyone who usess it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing — looking forward to more posts.

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This is amazing and so inspiring. What a man to stick to his principles. We need more people like him. Thank you for a great post! I thought of it as bealtiful and needed to share with people I like. So I just translated it to portuguese and published on our blog. Please, let me know if there is any problema. I gave the credits and link. Hear hear! I doubt all the adjectives I want to attribute to Calvin and Hobbes can be contained in this space. And your work, my man, is remarkable, starting from choice of material to interpretation, and everything in between.

Kudos to you! Thank you, so much beyond mere words can say, for this piece of awesomeness. Great fan of your works. What the font you have used in this cartoon? I would read it to my girls every day!!! Display booths really are a effective strategy to carry almost everything your self, your enterprise whilst your solutions towards consumer. Good results gradually would be the clear boost in revenue. For selfish reasons, I wish Mr. Watterson did license some merchandise. This comic really hit home for me. Thank you so much to both Bill and Gavin.

I would love to be able to look up on my wall and feel the same inspiration I that I felt the first time I read it everyday. This is a very inspiring comic strip. I am not a cartoonist, not even an artist, but I grew up reading the comic, over and over and over until my books fell apart. So thank you for this comic, its amazing and a wonderful tribute to a great man.

It all makes so sense and I needed some motivation of this sort so badly…but still I am afraid to take a step and find the true worth of my inner self……. Your article is nice , I read your article to learn a lot and hope to see your next article, look forward to your masterpiece. It is our outlook in our life frequently changes how we see things. Sometimes good and sometimes bad but it is our point of view that controls how we act. Talking about the restrictive format of comics on Sundays, I remember reading that in one of the book by Bill Waterson. In that book, there are cartoons and his writing — generally about his thoughts on those cartoons.

There was one strip with the traditional disposable top strip and Bill mentioned that he liked that part more than the rest of it. Hey Gav, after the meet up tonight, I came back on to Zen Pencils to look through some of the comics again! However, I understand it now more than ever. Thank you for making comics that apply to me at different times of life, and for the impact it makes on my life. For the past 6 months I have had the ability to quit my job and be a stay at home dad to my kids.

The job was killing me and the passion I had was to be with my kids.. I saw this comic and it started me down self contemplation, talking, reading and I 24 hours I turned in my resignation notice.. I read your bio and you change lives for the better — published in a newspaper or not sir. Thanks for the nudge I needed. This is a wonderful article, Given so much info in it, These type of articles keeps the users interest in the website, and keep on sharing more … good luck.

Watterson was born in Washington, D. Upon graduation in , he became the political cartoonist for The Cincinnati Post, an experience he remembers as relentlessly depressing but mercifully short. There are numerous examples in this world where walking away from social expectations has actually created a more joyful, more fulfilling life.

These were only my two cents feel free to visit my website about inversion therapy and back pain relief i will be pleased. If I just posted a link, probably no one would click it and I want my friends to see this! The layout was restrictive and the top tier had to be completely disposable because a lot of newspapers would cut it and only run the bottom two tiers. There are several sketching mediums that do the job quite nicely using essential oil paints.

Microsoft Office is an office suite that is widely used by businesses and homes. It is easy to download the full version of MS Office tool by visiting the official website. As already mentioned, compression stockings are for everyone. When it comes to going on a long airplane trip, they are beneficial for preventing cramping which is all too common. Actually I am not habituate to reply a comment on blogs but this blog caught my attention and I am compelled to write a comment here to express my gratitude to you.

I would like to appreciate for this. This is such amazing work, I can only imagine how humbly proud the man himself, Bill Watterson, must be to have ispired and ever so slightly molded a generation of artists, creators and dreamers. You can definitely see your skills within the paintings you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart. I love this so much. I must have read and shared this a hundred times, and still love coming back to read it again.

Thank you for putting together a great comic. Free of the shackles of tiers and panel restrictions,. This application looks for the no follow tag in your website to decide if it is a Do Adhere to or No Adhere to blog.

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Kate has 15 years of experience as a fitness trainer, studio owner, and corporate wellness consultant for Bay Area tech companies. She is a student of Esther Fairfax, daughter of Lotte Berk. Scott Missad has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years in roles such as Sr. Sadie Nardini is a longtime, world-traveling yoga teacher. Hope Pedraza is the creator and owner of inBalance, a fitness and wellness studio located in San Antonio, Texas. She recently created a franchise model for her studio and currently has two franchised locations in San Antonio. Anna Renderer La Fata, is an entrepreneur, high performance coach, mom, wife, and most known for her role as the Host of Popsugar Fitness.

Anna started in the fitness industry working as a sports performance specialist for mentor Todd Durkin. Her desire to grow and scale her expertise online led her to growing a 2. Anna has built a 6-figure online brand with her weekly podcast, monthly magazine, online courses, membership programs, and retreats. Lisa Simone Richards is a publicist for health, fitness, and wellness entrepreneurs who want to get seen as experts and go from invisible to influencer.

Lisa Simone helps her clients get free visibility using PR to get in front of their ideal client, but also build the credibility that gets clients to take the next step and invest in working with you. Sally Sargood is Head of Social at Animoto, an award-winning online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to create professional marketing videos. Founding Sterling Public Relations, Inc. Shannon is a successful entrepreneur that transitioned from the job world to owning her own business, NetBooks Accounting Services, for over 10 years. Cory Sterling has been a lawyer since and in started his own law firm, Conscious Counsel, which specializes in offering legal services to health and wellness professionals and business owners.

Since escaping from the corporate world 15 years ago, Ingrid has worked with more than 1, people to help them get started in their own successful businesses. A respected authority in the spa industry, Alexis Ufland is the owner of Lexi Design, a spa consulting, branding, and marketing firm that has developed premier spas and medical spas across Europe, Asia, and the United States. Sam Villa is changing the industry, one hairdresser at a time. Whether teaching face-to-face in small hands on classes, on a main stage, or reaching his millions of social media followers, Sam changes people. He is a true leader that brings out the best in others.

As the NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award winner he is known for doing things differently to challenge, inspire, and motivate change. His encouragement to stylists is unrivaled, as he genuinely wants each one of them to reach deep to identify how they can make a change to promote their own growth. Ian is an entrepreneurial speaker and business coach. Michele Wong entered the fitness industry motivated by her passion for helping people live a healthy lifestyle.

Rachel is the Training Director at Get Fit Modesto, a functional training studio located in Northern California that moves people toward whole health through community, fitness, and nutrition. Rachel oversees program development, technical training, and class experience.

LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management
LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management
LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management
LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management
LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management
LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management
LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management LIKE BEADS FOR MANHATTAN — Zen and the Art of Personal Financial Management

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