101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling

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See all museum-quality public art throughout the city

And, of course, every hour after dark the overhead canopy explodes into images and music. During the day, the FSE is a bit more sedate. Pedestrians can stroll from casino to casino and check out the wares at the shopping kiosks. If you're shopping for souvenirs, several places along the FSE feature inexpensive trinkets and tee-shirts.

The streets just east of the Fremont Street Experience are a good place to see striking murals on the side of buildings. The Seven Magic Mountains art installation is easy to see from I15, with its foot high towers of multi-colored boulders rising out of the desert east of I15, about ten miles south of Las Vegas.

Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone's creation is an impressive piece of public art. These neon hoodoos look a little like the natural rock formations found in the Southwest, only instead of being sculpted by wind and rain, these locally-sourced boulders were put into place with heavy equipment. The installation will be on display at least through the end of after a successful effort to extend its stay. The installation's setting against the backdrop of Jean Dry Lake and the surrounding desert is photo-worthy, and worth exploring from every angle.

Seven Magic Mountains might not be artwork in the traditional sense, but it is a unique creative and engineering achievement--and it's totally free. Recommended for Free Things to Do because : Challenging conventional ideas about art, the towers of neon boulders at Seven Magic Mountains are a fascinating stop in the desert. Terrisa's expert tip : Interpretive signs dot the area around Seven Magic Mountains to give visitors information about the art work, the artist and land art in Southern Nevada.

Three times a day, the Mirage's volcano rumbles into life, spewing flames and doing a nice, friendly impersonation of a real volcano. Crowds gather early to get a glimpse of this iconic curb-side attraction--when it first appeared on the Strip, it was the first Vegas exterior entertainment of its kind. The entire lagoon area in front of the Mirage comes to life when the volcano is erupting. If you've ever seen real lava, you're in no danger of mistaking the special effects at the Mirage for the real thing--but it is a Hollywood-worthy spectacle, and plenty of fun to watch.

Recommended for Free Things to Do because : For a volcanic eruption you can enjoy fearlessly and for free , watch one of the Mirage Volcano's regularly scheduled shows. Terrisa's expert tip : The Mirage Volcano's eruptions are full of fire balls and explosions, and depending on where you're standing, you can feel heat from the effects.

Small children might be frightened, so if you have kids, be sure to keep an eye on them. The dancing waters of the Fountains of Bellagio have become one of Las Vegas' most iconic attractions. Jets of water shoot hundreds of feet into the air, sway gracefully and race around in patterns on the surface of Lake Bellagio. All that aquatic movement is choreographed to popular music, some of it very Vegas-y think Sinatra and Elvis , but you'll hear plenty of classical, romantic and toe-tapping tunes as well.

The fountain's elaborate show captivates audiences, plus it's a free Las Vegas attraction that's appropriate for all ages. Once you've seen the show, be assured that you'll want to see it again--the show is enchanting, no matter how many times you've watched it. Recommended for Free Things to Do because : The dancing waters of the Fountains of Bellagio have been thrilling audiences for years and watching them is completely free. Terrisa's expert tip : In addition to the Fountains, other free attractions at the Bellagio include the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and the Chihuly sculptures near the front desk.

No trip to Las Vegas is complete without visiting this landmark. Designed by Betty Willis in , the famous neon sign welcomes millions of visitors to Las Vegas each year. Willis never copyrighted the sign's design, and consequently the sign has become synonymous with Las Vegas and appears on all kinds of souvenirs and artwork.

For many years, the sign was on the outskirts of town and stood in the median to greet drivers, but now it's surrounded by hotels and has become popular enough that a parking lot was built just for it. Recommended for Free Things to Do because : The "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks and visiting it is totally free.

Terrisa's expert tip : The small parking lot for the sign is often full, but be patient as spots turn over quickly. You may have to wait in line for your turn to take a photo, but that line moves fast as well. Terrisa Meeks is a native born, life-long resident of Las Vegas. She's watched Las Vegas grow and change over the years, especially the ever-evolving Las Vegas Strip. She still enjoys hanging More About Terrisa. Follow 10Best Like 10Best. Double down or ante up at Las Vegas' 10 best casinos View the List. Photo courtesy of O Palsson. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat. Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Alan Kotok.

Photo courtesy of Mariordo Streetmosphere at the Venetian Grand Canal Shoppes. Fremont Street Experience. Photo courtesy of Fremont Street Experience. Seven Magic Mountains. Photo courtesy of Seven Magic Mountains.

Things to do in Las Vegas if You don't Gamble

Mirage Volcano. Photo courtesy of Serge Melki. You can follow the guidance of our friends at Practical Wanderlust, and have an amazing day of hiking in Zion. The 6 options they offer are incredible! The drive is about 4 hours, so it is an all day event, whichever option you select. We took the tour, made the awesome helicopter flight over the canyon, and explored the south rim. Share our amazing experience in our story, Grand Canyon Experience.

Bullet holes from past showdowns are still clearly visible. After dinner, guests are provided with paranormal tracking equipment, and trained in the proper use, and the ghost hunt begins. Downstream from Hoover Dam there are hot springs that are said to have therapeutic properties. Locals often hike to these springs in cooler months, and soak for the healing effects. The trail descends through canyon areas, where petroglyphs and even Bighorn sheep are sometimes seen. Just the names of these two sites make them sound enticing, and it is said that the scenery is spectacular.

However, getting to these areas can be a challenge, and the easiest way is by boat or kayak. Now visitors can see these wonders on a day trip, kayaking on the Colorado River, starting at Willow Beach, Arizona. Nothing sparks the imagination more than the thought of making a lucky strike while mining for silver or gold. In the areas surrounding Las Vegas there were once numerous mines.

The Techatticup Mine is said to be the oldest, and the richest, mine in Nevada. It was in operation for almost 80 years. The mine can now be toured, and the abandoned buildings surrounding it make for amazing photographic backdrops. Boxing champions are often made or broken in Las Vegas. Get a first hand view of some of the biggest names in the sport. Some of the most renowned fights in history have taken place in the ring on the strip, including Ali, Holyfield, and Tyson.

A boxing match in Vegas is not a budget option, but it is a once in a lifetime experience. Some of our friends know a lot more about the sport, and famous matches on the strip than we do. They share their expertise in Las Vegas Boxing. Fancy a professional hockey game, in the midst of the desert? Now you can do that! The season was the inaugural season for the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Minor league games are pretty relaxed, and feature a lot of crowd involvement and giveaways.

You can get in on the fun. If you are more of a football enthusiast, you can catch an NCAA level game throughout the fall season. If you really want some fast paced action, and to see a few people get knocked around a bit, roller derby may be right up your alley. Three different teams play in the city. There is also a junior league in town, the Vegas Extra Terrestrial Skaters. Although Rugby does not necessarily have the following in the US that it has in some other countries, it is an intense game.

Although it only happens once a year, if your timing is right, you can enjoy the thrills of an international tournament, the USA Sevens. The rodeo may be more in line with a sport that outsiders think of when they think of Nevada. There are smaller events in the area throughout the year, but Vegas plays host to two big rodeo events.

The vast open expanses of land in southern Nevada afford lots of space for golf courses. Some resorts have private courses exclusively for their guests. There are also public courses available to get a round in during your visit. Perhaps it is a bonus that the most pleasant time to play golf in Vegas would be when it is too cold to play in other areas of the country. To find a course, see the Las Vegas Golf.

If indoor golf is more your style, or if your visit is during the blistering heat of summer, there are a few locations that can accommodate your need to tee off. There is a lot of other fun to be had at many of these centers as well. Some might make the argument that bowling is not actually a sport. Ask a professional bowler though, and you will be set straight. Las Vegas has some really fun options for bowling, some right on the strip. Not only can you watch a live hockey game in the midst of the desert, you can also get in some time on the ice yourself. There are at least two different centers where visitors can attend open skate time on the ice.

If you prefer your skating to be on non-slick surfaces, roller skating is also possible. Lace up those skates, and make a few rounds at Crystal Palace Skating. If you are yearning for some real competitive action while you are in town, pick up games are played almost every day of the week, just like in most other US cities. You can find a local pick up game for a number of different sports through Meet up. Popular choices in the area seem to be Volleyball and Soccer. Yes, you can do this in Sin City! Meepleville Toy Store hosts a board game cafe with hundreds on game choices on hand.

Visitors arrive and form groups of interest based upon their prefered games, and the competition begins! Laser tag is fun for young and old. There are several different options to get in a game with friends. A number of arcade type locations are available for getting in some play time on your favorite games.

Las Vegas the Game offers a new twist on pranking your friends.

Headed out for a night on the town? The Game can suddenly take your night over the top. Options are all based on popular city activities, so it becomes a group game that cannot be played anywhere else. There are hundreds of Geocaches in the greater Vegas area, and at least 20 right on the strip.

Scoring a find among all of those strip walkers could be both a challenge, and a rush. See the map on the Geocaching. Do You Geocache?? The city of Las Vegas lies between several small mountain ranges in the midst of the Mojave Desert, a couple thousand feet above sea level. The unique natural landscape in the area spreads into parts of Utah , Arizona and California. If you have a car for any time frame, get out and see some of these natural wonders. If you don't feel like driving far, there is even one State Park right in the city!

Spring Mountain Ranch, offers an almost unbelievable change of ecology and scenery. Spring Mountain is an oasis in the midst of the desert, where mountain springs provided water for Paiute tribes, and early settlers. A working ranch grew up here, and would be go through a number of notorious owners including the once wealthiest man in the world, Howard Hughes.

Visitors can take a self guided tour of the ranch, and see some of the oldest buildings in the state. There are also hiking trails, grassy lawns, and shaded picnic areas. Just to the west of Red Rock Canyon lies the Mt. Charleston National Recreation Area. This area is about as drastically different from the Las Vegas landscape and ecosystem as it could possibly get. It is typically 30 degrees cooler in Mt. Charleston on hot summer days. It is a cool forest in the midst of the desert. A beautiful scenic drive runs through canyons, and alongside sparkling mountain streams.

There are also trails for hiking, biking, horseback riding, and ATVing. Perhaps the most awesome aspect of Mt. Charleston is that skiing, snowboarding and snowshoe hiking are available for several months of the year.

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There is a ski resort in the Recreation Area. The park lies downstream from Davis Dam, which keeps the water cool most of the time, although the land temperature in park areas surpass degrees through most of the summer months. There are boating ramps, and a couple of miles of sandy beach in the park, which are widely used. The river runs has carved out canyons over the eons, so it is an area of stunning views.

Picnic areas and hiking trails are available, and there are also areas for backwoods hiking. Birdwatching is popular, and numerous species of waterfowl make their homes here, as well as owls, hawks, hummingbirds, and even roadrunners. Located right in the city of Las Vegas, the Old Mormon Fort State Park features the remains of the original foundations of the city, on a creek, built by Mormon missionaries in This was a frequent stop along the Old Spanish Trail, that led to California. The Spanish had named the site Las Vegas, which meant the meadows. The fort still stands, and has been restored in honor of the cities beginnings.

Excavations have also been done, resulting in numerous artifacts, which are now displayed in the museum, along with photos depicting the history of the area. Lake Mead, just 30 miles south of Las Vegas, and formed by Hoover Dam, is one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. Numerous activities are available in the area, with a focus on water fun. Boat launches are available for use, as is a marina. On the land, there are hiking trails, play areas, and picnic areas.

Originally created to provide a safe haven for Bighorn Sheep in , the Desert National Wildlife Refuge actually encompasses 4 distinct refuges, in an area of 1. Beginning about 2 hours to the north of Vegas. Encompassing an elevation span from 2, foot above sea level, to over 10,, the refuge includes several distinct life zones, some which are rarely seen at any other location in the world. Desert is a true getaway and "roughing it" experience, where people are scarce. Visitors should research, and ensure they are prepared. Right in the city, Floyd Lamb Park features green areas and walking trails.

Picnic and play areas area also popular with residents and visitors alike. There are four well stocked lakes. Anyone with a Nevada fishing license can catch an abundant supply of trout and other game fish. A 22, acre area of land known for rich history and paleontology. Remains of Columbian Mammoths, dire wolves and extinct breeds of horses, fossilized during the ice ages can be seen on the grounds. Established in , no visitors center has been built at this time.

Head out in the desert for some gourmet chocolates. The best part however, is making your own personalized candy keepsakes. Choose from 16 colors of candy coating, and put your name, or message, right on your candy. Shop for gourmet chocolates, have some coffee and a pastry, or take a tour through the chocolate kitchen.

Las Vegas is a shoppers dream. There are hundreds of shopping establishments, from Walmart, to Dior. There are bargains to be had, and on the other hand, there are some of the most exclusive options on the planet. Make good off of someone else's bad luck. Are there more pawn shops in Vegas per capita than in other places? We have not conducted the research. The downtown area is a good place to start.

There are also thrift shops, used goods shops, and antique shops. If you don't mind a prior owner, some unique items can be found. They really are spread out over the city, but there are more to be found in the downtown and arts districts, and on Sahara Avenue. For name brand and chain store bargains, there are two major outlet malls in the area. They are on the opposite ends of town, and neither are in the main hub of the strip.

Check the store listings first, to make the best choice on which way to go. The real joy of a Vegas shopping experience is visiting the high-end shops that cannot be found in every city or town. The first big name in the game was Caesers, with the Forum Shops. Now there are a few choices, all right in the center of the strip. We will share a few pictures of our Grand Canal Shoppes experience, in a coming gallery.

Call me a nerd, but I am a museum fanatic. Las Vegas has quite a few museums to enjoy, on some diverse and unique topics. Shelby american is a producer of high performance automobiles and parts. They have a Heritage Museum, and offer factory tours. A museum featuring a private collection of vehicles produced between to The collection includes, scooters, street rods, and custom cars. Other memorabilia is also showcased. Featured in the television program Counting Cars, Count's Kustoms features their private collection of custom cars, rods, and motorcycles.

Featured in the television show Vegas Rat Rods, the Welder Up shop features the owner's unique collection of personally created "rat rods. They also feature "tribute cars" depicting the Flinstones car, and the Bugs Bunny Rabbit Car, among others. The Discovery museum features a variety of hands on exhibits, designed to enable children to freely explore art, culture and science, from a young age.

There are frequent special programs, and demonstrations. It is designed to be fun and educational, for the whole family. The Natural History Museum focuses on learning about the natural world, and its history.


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Affiliated with the Smithsonian Museum, and accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, its educational displays benefit the entire community, and visitors. See dinosaur replicas and learn about geology, prehistoric animals, and Egyptian culture, among a plethora of other exhibits. A local museum depicting the history of communities in the area, from prehistoric times to current day. Replicas of buildings from different eras allow free exploration and imbibe an understanding of life in different times.

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Founded by the Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation, this intriguing museum explores the history of the nuclear weapons testing program in the US, with a focus on the Nevada Test Site. Circumstances leading up to the testing are explored, as well as the implications and impacts on society, from local communities to the world.

Las Vegas 101 - 101 Things to Do in Las Vegas

Grab a handful of quarters and head to the Pinball Hall of Fame, showcasing the world's largest pinball machine collection. The museum fills an entire 10, square feet of display area, with machines spanning the decades from the through the s. All machines are ready to be played, for a quarter or fifty cents. The Neon Museum offers a bit of glitz and nostalgia, all wrapped into one. Featuring neon signs from as far back as the s, and other related memorabilia, it is said to give visitors a feeling of "old Vegas.

Others, perhaps beyond repair, are placed in the Boneyard, which can be visited by appointment. Housed in two separate locations, the Liberace Collection is one of a kind. One of history's most flamboyant performers, his clothing, instruments, and vehicles, were unlike any others. The Liberace Garage showcases a collection of extraordinary vehicles. The private collection, housed at the former estate of Michael Jackson, Thriller Villa, featuring fabulous clothing, grand pianos, and other unique items once used by Liberace.

It is said to be an outstanding collection. Cassa de Shenandoah is the home of another iconic Vegas performer, Wayne Newton. The ranch is open for tours, and includes a museum. On display are a number of vehicles, the private jet, and personal gifts from other well stars of the strip, such as Frank Sinatra and Elvis. Also included are native American artifacts, and Wayne's tribute to the military. Outside there are numerous animal habitats, including the award-winning Arabian horses, and other more exotic creatures such as penguins and wallabies.

Many states feature a state museum, and Nevada is no exception.

Things to do in Las Vegas Besides Gamble >> 50+ Ideas for Your Itinerary!

There are permanent exhibits about the geology and composition of the land, wildlife, and indigenous cultures. Special and temporary exhibits on topics of current interest are also regularly featured. A museum that started as a private collection, as a tribute to the impact that scouting has had on families and young people around the world. The museum displays a variety of scouting memorabilia from different generations. Expand your horizons to include performances from the classical masters, at the Philharmonic. Performances are at the Smith Center. Several programs are performed throughout the season, including the traditional, such as Beauty and the Beast, and the more modern, such as Broadway and Ballet.

Holidays will typically include a rendition of The Nutcracker Suite. Step out of the realm of expected shows and performances, and enjoy some community theater. LV Little Theater features local residents who audition for their roles. They also hold an annual contest for play submissions, and produce the winning submission. There are so many Vegas shows, that I could not begin to list them all. Some shows are on all the time, and others, such as big name concerts, come and go.

Whatever your tastes, you can find a show to suit, from comedy to magic, from song to dance. Check the city visitors guide prior to your trip to find out for sure what is on during your visit. In our opinion, you can never go wrong with Cirque De'Soleil! Many visitors from locations with stricter laws, hope to experience the adrenaline of shooting handguns or automatic weapons. There are numerous places to experience target shooting, and simulated assault shooting in the city and on the strip.

All of the facilities provide training on use, handling, and safety. A safety trainer accompanies the visitor throughout the shooting experience. Spa experiences can be found in dozens of places, and most notably, every upscale resort has spa services. You can get rubbed, wrapped, soaked, showered, steamed, and sunned. Any type of relaxing and pampering body experience you want, is close at hand.

For visitors who really want to get naked, there are several pools right on the strip, where clothing above the waist is optional. While in many countries, this is considered completely normal, in the US it is pretty taboo. But perhaps learning to take it all off, in an intentionally provocative manner, sounds more appealing. There are classes that provide instruction in the best techniques, given by professionals in the field.

We won't go into a lot of details here, but yes, you can do both of these things in Nevada. There are a couple dozen places in the city to see some skin or get a lap dance, for men and women. You won't have any trouble finding them, if you are looking. There is also a Burlesque Hall of Fame , which many visitors find interesting.

For anyone looking to actually experience some skin, driving about 90 miles outside of the city is required. While brothels are legal in Nevada, they are not legal in Las Vegas. Visit any large city in the world and there will be an opportunity to people watch, but some cities will be a bit more interesting than others. The vast diversity of incomes, ages, and origins, make for some pretty eclectic intermingling. People watching is prime anywhere on the strip, and downtown. Be prepared to see a bit more than desired from time to time though! Perhaps we could have made our list a lot longer than things to do, because we have not even mentioned many of the specialty resort attractions.

These attractions are pretty widely advertised, so we didn't include them individually. Almost every resort has some special attractions, along with their shows and performances. Don't forget, there are numerous free shows on and off the strip, such as the Bellagio Fountains, the Mirage Volcano, and the circus performances at Circus Circus.

By the way, many resorts also have wedding chapels, and of course, there are the dozen down the strip. Perhaps the main attraction There are approximately 40 casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Include the entire city, and that number grows to about In those casinos, there are about , slot machines. Take into account all of the table game options, which we do not have a number for, and that is a lot of gaming options! If you are on your first trip to the city, and your first gambling experience, be sure to check out our story Your First Vegas Gaming Experience , before dropping any dollars!

If you are planning your first trip, there are some important things you should be aware of, besides all of these things to do. If you are going to gamble first time, check out our article, First Vegas Gaming Experience. Beautiful Bellagio Botanicals. Flying Over the Grand Canyon! Las Vegas is the perfect place to visit if you are planning for a vacation.

And the casinos and pawn shops are the best places to visit. Your trip is not completed if you have not visited these two things at Las Vegas. Wow I will certainly come back to this list. Well done. It would be exciting to see a Vegas performance of the Nutcracker Suite. Hope I could make a visit this coming holidays. Will have to plan for this using your list. Thanks Roxanna! We will be writing about your neck of the woods soon, as we loved it there. Hopefully that story will be posted in late March, depending on how things go.

Perhaps one of my favorite travel destinations so far. I hope you make it to Vegas. The holidays are the least expensive time of year to visit. Thank you Dan! It is the greatest feeling when fellow bloggers say that! It was the first time I traveled as a blogger, and actually looking for what would help readers. I am truly surprised by this list. I had no clue that there were so many things to do in Vegas besides gambling.

Including ballet and theatre! I guess I need to educate myself more about this part of the continent. Such a good post! I have actually never been to Vegas so I like seeing all the things to do other than spend the whole time gambling. Thanks for sharing! I do it on Instagram all the time! I will isolate and make a list of all free stuff in a week or two. Thanks for checking it out, and hope it comes in handy in the future! I think you are right Carol! Then I will go make a summary of free things post. Aaah Las Vegas, city of excess where anything is possible!

And of course, all the attractions within nearby reach of LV too, such a gorgeous place to self-drive we felt.

101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling 101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling
101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling 101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling
101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling 101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling
101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling 101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling
101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling 101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling
101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling 101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling
101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling 101 Things to do in Las Vegas Without Gambling

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