Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men

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This enchantment was removed by the entity Immortus with the Thunder god's consent to help the planet Phantus which was trapped in Limbo [13] later revealed to be a deception by Immortus to eliminate the Avengers' access to time travel [14]. However, Thor is still able to manipulate time with Mjolnir. When Ragnarok took place, Mjolnir was separated from Thor and fell through the dimensions, creating a tear in Hell that allowed Doctor Doom to escape Doom having been imprisoned there after his last encounter with the Fantastic Four.

Although Doom and the Fantastic Four attempt to claim the hammer, none of them are able to lift it, resulting in Donald Blake—who had been returned to life when the spell negating his existence wore off with Asgard's destruction—claiming it himself. With Blake and Thor once again co-existing, the hammer resumes its original 'disguise' of a walking-stick.

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The hammer is later damaged in a fight with Bor, Thor's grandfather. Doctor Strange is able to repair the hammer using the Odinforce possessed by Thor, but warns Thor that, should the hammer be damaged in such a manner again, the new link between them could result in Thor being killed. The hammer was also sliced in two by the Destroyer.

After Thor's death in the fight against the Serpent, [17] Loki is able to take Blake's walking stick—the only remaining trace of Thor after he was 'replaced' by Tanarus —and turn it back into Mjolnir in front of the Silver Surfer , [18] the Surfer's energy and Loki's belief in his brother allowing the hammer to return to Thor and restore his memory in time to face the God-Devourer that was about to consume his soul in the afterlife.

During the Original Sin storyline as Thor and the Avengers investigate Uatu The Watcher 's murder, Nick Fury whispers an undisclosed secret to Thor that causes him to lose the ability to pick up Mjolnir. The hammer is subsequently picked up by an unknown female , later revealed to be Jane Foster , who inherits the power and title of Thor, with the inscription changing to read "if she be worthy". After the destruction and reconstruction of the multiverse, the Mjolnir of the Ultimate Thor lands in Asgard, but the entire area where it landed is subsequently taken into the possession of the Collector , who vows to kill his various prisoners unless Thor will tell him a means of bypassing the worthiness enchantment so that he can wield the hammer himself.

When they have returned to Asgard, Odinson tells Bill that the secret Fury told him was 'Gorr was right', a reference to the God-Butcher who believed that gods were not needed as they only brought pain and suffering. The issue concludes with another individual, later to be revealed as Volstagg, going to claim the hammer of Ultimate Thor, identified by publicity as 'the War Thor', [24] but Volstagg is eventually convinced to put the hammer down as his actions as the War Thor are driven by his rage to the point of endangering innocents.

When Captain America is 'reprogrammed' into an agent of Hydra by a sentient cosmic cube, he sets up a complex chain of events that allow him to take control of America, banishing Jane Foster and claiming Mjolnir for himself, his ability to wield the hammer ensuring that Odinson follows him despite Rogers's actions, believing that his ability to wield the hammer shows that Rogers is right. This attack also reveals that Hydra had used their cosmic cube to change the nature of the worthiness enchantment to "If he be strong , shall possess the power of Hydra ", with the 'reset' triggered by the cube's restoration of the true Rogers also restoring the original enchantment so that the original Rogers can lift the hammer where his Hydra self cannot.

After being restored to life, Jane returned to her life on Earth, retrieving the last small fragment of Mjolnir--a pebble barely the size of Thor's fingernail but still too heavy for him to comfortably lift--to encourage Thor to consider resuming his role as God of Thunder by asking him to consider what he would be capable of without a hammer after seeing what she was capable of with one. During the War of the Realms , Thor sacrificed an eye and the last fragment of Mjolnir to the World-Tree to gain the necessary knowledge to defeat Malekith's assault, allowing him to gather three more Thors to assist him in the struggle; King Thor of the future, the Viking Thor who had originally fought Gorr, and Jane Foster, wielding the damaged hammer of the War Thor.

As Thor confronted Malekith, he channeled the power of the ancient Mother Storm to reforge Mjolnir, overcoming his unworthiness by accepting Fury's proclamation that Gorr was right and vowing to prove himself better than the gods who had come before [28]. The hammer has been lifted by Earth itself when animated by magical means. Several imitations of Mjolnir have also existed. After the destruction of Mjolnir and the wars in the higher realms that devastated Asgard, until Mjolnir was reforged by a cosmic storm in the War of the Realms, Thor used a series of weaker substitute hammers in the absence of the true Mjolnir, with these temporary hammers possessing sufficient power for him to discharge lightning and fly, although they broke when used against a foe like the Juggernaut.

As one of the most formidable weapons known to man or god, it is described as impacting with sufficient force to "level mountains," [77] with only primarily adamantium and vibranium proving impervious. There are also other several rarely used abilities. Mjolnir can track a person [89] and mystical items; [90] absorb energy, such as draining the Asgardian powers of the Wrecking Crew into the Wrecker; [91] or detect illusions , as Thor once commanded the hammer to strike the demonic Mephisto , who was hiding amongst false images of himself.

The hammer has two properties relating to movement. When it is deliberately thrown by Thor, it will return to his hand despite any intervening obstacles or distance, even traveling through planets to return to Thor. The hammer has also drained energy from the radioactive supervillain called the Presence , who is forced to surrender before being killed. The hammer's ability to transform its user also purges the user of any toxins or radiations in their systems; however, this works against its current wielder, Jane Foster , as she is currently suffering from cancer, with the result that her transformations purge her of the radiation used in her chemotherapy while leaving the cancerous cells alone.

Mjolnir is also not wholly indestructible, having been damaged several times: a force beam from the Asgardian Destroyer slices it in two; [] the Molecule Man dispels the atomic bonds between the hammer's molecules, vaporizing Mjolnir; [] the hammer shatters after channeling an immeasurable amount of energy at the Celestial Exitar ; [] Dark god Perrikus slices Mjolnir in half with a magical scythe ; [] and the hammer is shattered when it collides with the uru weapons of Loki's Storm Giant followers, resulting in an atomic -scale explosion.

During the Celestial Saga storyline, an earlier version of Mjolnir is revealed to exist and was apparently thrown to Midgard Earth by Thor's sons, Modi and Magni , landing in the Rhine river where it transformed into the magical Rhinegold. A version of Mjolnir in the What If? In a future visited by the Hulk where Earth had been decimated by nuclear wars, Thor's hammer was one of the many mementos of the age of heroes kept by the now-elderly Rick Jones ; the Maestro —the Hulk's twisted future self—attempted to use the hammer against the Hulk during their second confrontation in Rick's museum of hero memorabilia, but failed to lift it even with Thor's death as he was naturally unworthy to do so.

Mjolnir can be seen as one of the many treasures in the one-shot 'The Last Heist' that takes place in the " Tellos " universe. At the end of The Ultimates 2 Thor proves his divinity and reclaims his Asgardian powers to defeat Loki. He later displays a wall of weapons, including both hammers, which he states were gifts from his father forged by Ulik the Troll. Braddock gives Thor tech-armor, and Thor suggests to turn the power supply into a hammer.

With Thor being the last Asgardian alive and his hammer is gone, he loses his divine powers and becomes mortal. Tony Stark kept Thor's tech armor and hammer since Thor no longer felt he had use for it, and gives it to Thor to "restore" his powers because he feels the world "needs a god of thunder".

Mjolnir plays a prominent role in Thor's story arc throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It appears in the following ways:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hammer of the god Thor in the Marvel Comics universe. Art by Mike Deodato Jr. See also: Thor Marvel Comics in other media. DHG Productions. Retrieved 6 January Alter Ego. TwoMorrows Publishing. Original Sin 7 August One who could be his greatest ally — or his fiercest foe. For when Logan meets Victor Creed, a rivalry for the ages is born!

Parker Industries is more successful than ever, with new offices in Shanghai, London and San Francisco. He smells terrible. But the public loves him! Eat that, Spidey!

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But with great popularity comes overbearing responsibility, so Wade has called in a little help being him. But when an imposter sets out to ruin Deadpool, our hero has the perfect bait to lure the baddie out: his innocent daughter, Ellie! Plus: Jump decades into the future for an even-newer, even-different-er Deadpool ! And in an entirely Spanish-language tale, meet Masacre — the Deadpool of Mexico!

This book has more Deadpool than you can handle!

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But who is Tony Stark? Since learning he was adopted, this question has cast a shadow over his life. Alongside unlikely quasi-ally Doctor Doom, Iron Man will discover answers to questions he never knew existed! But as a new international crime boss beats him at every turn, can Tony unravel the mystery of his past before deadly history repeats itself? Revelations will send him reeling — and even if Iron Man makes it out alive, his new standing in the Marvel Universe might be the death of him!

Trapped in Ancient Egypt, is he willing to escape his fate by changing the course of history? For another ancient predator has taken a bloody bite out of the Big Apple — yes, vampires rule! Zombies still roam, and some are used for sport in the bloody arena known as the Circus Maximus. But while the rival groups of ghouls clash, the remaining humans are caught in the crossfire. As Mayor Chandrake makes dangerous power plays, can the blood-suckers keep their grip on the city?

Or are they heading for all-out war over the Empire of the Dead? The mysterious Black Lama pits villain against villain in a globe-spanning battle royale and the prize is ultimate power. It pits the Mandarin against the Yellow Claw, M. Hope he pre-registered! Now the Empirikul are here. Or failing that, how about some cool weapons? Violent crime is surging while the global economy craters. Doctor Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, has defeated demonic hordes, battled evil wizards and tirelessly defended our realm against invading interdimensional armies.

But when a dangerous dream begins inspiring normal people to act out their darkest ambitions, even Doctor Strange is pushed to his very limits. Working alongside his longtime nemesis, Nightmare, the Sorcerer Supreme must delve into the nightmares, delusions and desires of an entire planet. And in the fallout, what dreams will haunt the Sorcerer Supreme? Then, Steve Englehart and Frank Brunner break new boundaries of cosmic consciousness and other-dimensional adventure.

JONES Doctor Strange turns Marvel Knight and plays supernatural detective when a series of bizarre robberies and a spate of spontaneous combustions set him on the trail of an old enemy. Magic meets noir in an atmospheric Strange tale! The Master of the Mystic Arts will duel with demons; meet the Bottle Imp; and face odd reflections of friends, foes and himself. Discover the darker side of Doctor Strange!

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So grab your pens, pencils or crayons, and prepare to brandish them like the Wand of Watoomb — working your magic on page after page of line art starring Strange and his greatest friends and foes! The Gunslinger has taken Odetta Holmes to Mid-World to join his quest to reach the Dark Tower, but little do Roland and Eddie know that Odetta has a dark side that poses a threat to everything! And when love begins to blossom, one of their lives will be put at risk! A new evil has arisen, shattering a resurgent Empire and seeking to put an end to the Jedi once and for all.

The Sith Lord Darth Krayt sits on the throne. Only one hope remains — the last remaining heir to the Skywalker legacy. Cade may be strong in the Force — but years after a tragedy, he is a bounty hunter, working with Jariah Syn and Deliah Blue. When he reluctantly finds himself at the center of galactic turmoil, Cade may be forced to embrace his heritage. But will the path on which he embarks be one of redemption, or damnation? So choose your weapon — and remember, the crayon is mightier than the lightsaber! Will you turn to the dark side, or favor pastel shades? Will you press gently, or will your Force be strong?

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Will you stick to the canon, or go wild with a scarlet Skywalker, a fuchsia Fett or a violet Vader? But Vader faces tumultuous battles with the cybernetic Cylo — and himself! Lost in visions of the Force, is he now more machine than man?

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Or can he fight his way back from the brink to see his missions and machinations finally come to fruition? The imperial march of the dark side reaches a crescendo! Will even a helping hand from the Amazing Spider-Man be enough to stop a woman who can control the four elements? Where the Spider crawls, a Kraven is never far behind — and Ana Kravinoff more than lives up to her family name!

But who are they? What is their connection to Flint? And what crime could put Gorgon on trial?

Amazing Adventures #5 (1951) VG- (3.5) Ziff-Davis Publication ~ Horror

A sibling rivalry is in the cards, and sparks will fly as the answers are revealed! Agent Bobbi Morse, the former Avenger known as Mockingbird, goes solo! Or will they shred each other apart? Then, to save the present, the X-Men race into a perilous future ruled by an old — and we mean old — enemy.

Before you answer that, you should know: One of those Horsemen is a Venom-powered Wolverine! A battle for the ages is about to begin — but who will survive the Apocalypse Wars? But together can these young mutants change their destiny? Beast will try, but can a man of science find the guidance he seeks from the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange? Perhaps none among them faces the legacy of an older counterpart quite like Evan — a. Kid Apocalypse! Is he damned to become a genocidal madman like his namesake?

Or can he somehow rise above? For a time, his brother in arms, Bucky Barnes, picked it up. The cry will go out like never before: Avengers Assemble! Celebrate a legend renewed in a tale 75 years in the making!

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Plus: stories honoring the impact and importance of Captain America throughout history! Who will prove themselves the mightiest Avengers of all? And things get worse as the mysteries of Pleasant Hill deepen! Plus: The Avengers must face someone new with an old name — one that goes all the way back to the beginning.

Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men
Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men
Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men
Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men
Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men
Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men Amazing Adventures, Volume 5, The Secret of the Crater-Men

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