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Romi Geller. Stories from my seventeen years on this earth. Personally, I have never been good at introductions.

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My cup of tea would be giving a hug to my reader and going straight into conversing, however due to my circumstances, I feel like an introduction is needed, so here goes nothing. My name is Romi Geller.

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I am Israeli by birth and a Texan by an enormous amount of relocation, thanks to my father. I am a junior in high school and an avid reader. My absolute favorite hobby is writing, which explains why I am here talking to you. Although the majority of content in this column will be stories from my seventeen years on this earth and advice on the things I have picked up during those years, my true passion is writing narrative poetry.

An Introduction of Sorts: 2 Upcoming Series

I am the biggest not so hopeless romantic you may come across, nice to meet you, and maybe even too optimistic about the world than I should be. If not, lie to me and say you were, make a girl feel better. Lizzie, my little princess, is 4 and AJ, my little spunk, is 2. This stay-at-home-mom gig is a little bit new to me. Before that, I worked full time.

Boy, was life different! Some women are wonderful as working moms. I still feel like a kid at heart.

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I want to nurture my girls, teach them, let them discover the world all while guiding them with my sometimes capable, but not always, hands. The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Terri Thompson.

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Terri is a writer and mom of two elementary-aged girls.

An Introduction of Sorts An Introduction of Sorts
An Introduction of Sorts An Introduction of Sorts
An Introduction of Sorts An Introduction of Sorts
An Introduction of Sorts An Introduction of Sorts
An Introduction of Sorts An Introduction of Sorts

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