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Beyond the size and price differential of the mini, DEC pioneered the concepts behind interactive computing and set industry standards in programming languages, operating systems, network architecture, application software, peripherals, component and circuit technology, manufacturing processes, business practices, and more but alas, not marketing. You would type something and the computer would actually respond.

Rather than giving your card deck to an operator, interactive computing immediately established a relationship between user and the machine.

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Having spent 17 years of my career in software at DEC, it is these other innovations that I remember the most. We had real architects and real architectures, real designs, real plans, and real processes for carrying them out. Soon memory space started to get scarce and, in , DEC came out with the bit VAX Alpha processor, VMS supported both 32 and 64 bits simultaneously, and all the same applications ran on both.

Now that was an architecture. I always wondered what the big deal was when Windows finally did the same thing just a few years ago. Of course, DEC will also be remembered for failing to keep pace with the changing computer industry, and despite all of his accomplishments, Ken will be remembered for a few guffaws.

Ultimately, Ken stepped down and passed the reigns on to a younger generation, but DEC was never able to regain its leadership position. Nowadays, if you meet someone like me who used to work at DEC, in addition to reminiscing about the good old days and some grumbling about its decline, we really learned about architecture and how to build quality stuff.

Thanks, Ken! Nice to hear from you, although under a sad circumstance. I was hoping that my respect and admiration where what stuck with readers from my post.

Remembering Ashley Olsen one year on | The Florentine

But they made it work — sort of. By playing their characters as themselves: eye-rolling teenagers who were alternately insecure and too cool to be there. And god, were they cool. Especially in that earlys kind of way — the style, the attitude, all of it.

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As such, So Little Time is kind of a glorious time capsule back into the super-cool but difficult! A decade and a half later, here are some highlights to appreciate. They mastered the "goth" look that most rebellious tweens could only dream of. They excelled at applying lip gloss with attitude. They agonized over their crushes not even acknowledging their existence, whilst rocking chunky highlights.


Image: Via tumblr. They had the coolest school supplies, like those Christian Lassen wildlife folders for everyone who had so outgrown Lisa Frank. They mastered expressions that said, "Ugh how could you do this to me, world? And, "Are you serious?

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Thank you for the memories, Mary-Kate and Ashley. Tons of former stars descended upon Mexico for the televised ceremony,. Colton Underwood had to send seven women home on the first night of his Bachelor season and Revian Chang was one of them. The nurse from Santa Monica,. The evidence collected by police and shown in court was overwhelming: DNA, anatomical pathologists, toxicologists, hours of security camera analysis, wiretapping, social media messages, GPS geolocalizations and the cross-examination of more than 20 witnesses.

Nichol Olsen case still open

We were seeking truth and justice ; not an easy scapegoat to bring peace and healing to our souls. We wanted the name of the actual murderer.

Remembering Berkeley architect Donald Olsen

And I strongly believe that is what we achieved. One final thought. Like many men do. A man who, at a certain point, did not accept the fact Ashley asked him to leave her house. That was the reason, he admitted, for his disappointment and physical reaction against Ashley. We are very satisfied with this verdict by the Court because it showed to the world that justice goes beyond appearances and treats such a crime for what it is.

With no excuses and no justifications. Today, on the first anniversary of her death, we are profoundly sad for the unjustifiable loss of Ashley, but we remain deeply satisfied because the murderer of Ashley Olsen has a face and a name.

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Remembering Olsen Remembering Olsen
Remembering Olsen Remembering Olsen
Remembering Olsen Remembering Olsen
Remembering Olsen Remembering Olsen
Remembering Olsen Remembering Olsen

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