Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)

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Millennia later they hardly resemble their ancestors, and are now a tall and slender race characterized by glowing white skin. Dubbed the Twili, they thirst to once again return to Hyrule and take revenge on the ones whom banished their ancestors. Eventually they discovered how to open the portals, and the Twili have begun to pour into Hyrule. Despite the fact that thousands of years have passed in their world, it has only been a lifetime in Hyrule since the Interlopers were banished. The Twili army is a terrifying one.

With exotic armor, wicked looking weapons, and horrific beasts of burden, the alien force that is the Twili can easily scare off the unprepared. Despite their psychological edge over [[Hyrule]]'s races, their evolution in the Realm of Twilight has changed them to the point where walking in Hyrule is uncomfortable in the extreme. Sunlight slowly burns the Twili unless properly protected by clothing or armor, and the air is thick for them to breath.

As such they tire very quickly when forced to fight for extended periods of time. They may suffer in this alien environment, but even so one cannot help but cower in fear at the sight of a Twili army marching from the portals of another world. After they failed to get their hands on the holy relic, they, along with [[Veran]]'s [[Fairies of Tarm Fairies]], surrender to the [[Kingdom of Hyrule]], who hand them to the Gerudo [[Circle of Warlords]] as a peace offering.

The Warlords banish the prisoners to the [[Mirror of Twilight]], believing it to be an endless void. Many struggle to survive and most die soon after their arrival. Weakened from the battle at Lake Hylia and by the harsh alien landscape, Veran wanders off from the other survivors to die alone. In the wilderness, she is found by the Dark Dragon [[General Onox Onox]], who senses that she had great and powerful magic, so he shelters her from the harsh Realm of Twilight and helps her recover from her wounds. Because of this the two develop a close and possibly romantic relationship.

With the help of the two other Great Fairy survivors, [[Morsheen]] and [[Una]], Veran organises numerous kingdoms amongst the rest of the exiles, who now call themselves the Twili. For centuries the Fairies remain in control of the Twili, pulling the strings of each King that they placed on the throne. Morsheen establishes the [[Church of Majora]] in the Realm of Twilight, and becomes a major missionary in spreading the worship of [[Majora]] across the planet.

For hundreds of years the Twili radiate into many cultural groups throughout the Realm, notably the [[Bonemold Monks]], who retain many traits of Sheikah culture, the [[Great Fairies of Twilight Twili Sorceresses]], who inherit their abilities from the Great Fairies in conjunction with the use of Sols, and the mysterious [[Lost Kingdom of Oorgath]] who has managed to shed their mortal bodies and created masks that allow the wearers to perform almost superhuman feats at the cost of great physical and emotional pain.

Eventually the Fairies' power over the Twili becomes threatened when the powerful King [[Mizorant]] unites the various kingdoms to form the Twili Empire after having made allies in a group of [[Jelyf Parella]] minions of [[Bellum]] - the original creator of the Mirror of Twilight.

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It is revealed they intended to head to Hyrule from the Mirror's original destination, but the Circle of Warlords' meddling disrupted the portal and left them stranded on the Realm of Twilight instead. With the Parella's help, Mizorant plans to get rid of the three Great Fairies, and then conquer Hyrule.

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A short time after Mizorant's coronation, his son [[Zant]] meets the lowborn girl Midna , starts a relationship with her and gives her a room in the [[Palace of Twilight]]. Mizorant strongly disapproves of this relationship. But Mizorant underestimated the influence the Fairies had in the Twili Empire. Quickly after being banished from the Palace, they have his armies disbanded against his will and assassinate him in the Palace of Twilight, then cast Zant aside in favor of Midna.

Being denied the throne, Zant's love for Midna is eventually replaced by envy for what his father promised him.

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In secret, Zant consults his father's Parella associates and forms an army from Mizorant's personal guards. Knowing that this army can't be enough to usurp the throne, Zant travels to the prison of [[Valran]] to free [[Lady Middee]], head of the Bonemold Monks who was abandoned and imprisoned by Midna.

Following Middee's advice, he then heads to [[Elmenzhia]], the throne of Una and overcomes her army of [[Twili Sorceresses]]. After Zant's forces take Una captive, Veran teleports in and invites him and his forces to the church of Uzu, making it clear that his army can't defeat hers there, then returns to Uzu where Morsheen and Onox await. Back at Uzu she asks Morsheen to summon Majora, and ask it to animate the [[Avatar of Majora Avatars]] of its likeness to crush Zant and his army, with the condition that Majora could reap their souls.

Majora cackles at this idea and summons numerous Wrath Entities, as well as animating Avatars to destroy Zant.

Zant knowingly marches into Veran's trap, with the belief that he can overcome and subjugate her. Despite being backed up by Majora, Onox and Veran at the end still lose to Zant, though she refuses to bend the knee for him. Zant slices her kneecap, forcing her to kneel, then tells her of his plan to return to and conquer Hyrule, at which point Veran gladly accepts to help him.

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Veran begins to transform Zant's men into Shadow Messengers using masks of Oorgath. Upon his victory, Zant confronts a surprised Midna in the throne room, accusing her of casting him away after taking his birthright. A fierce noble who dreams of becoming a knight Strengths: Tough, smart, and a natural-born leader, Liza is the very picture of knightly chivalry.

Weaknesses: Does her twin brother, Micah, count? Likes: Swords, her friends, and Guildmistress Frond, her role model. A loyal dwarf, wise beyond his years and mighty beyond his stature Strengths: Jett is cool under pressure and fearless in the defense of his friends.

Forces of Twilight

Weaknesses: He puts the needs of others before his own. He also develops crushes on his teammates a little too easily. Likes: Dwarven craftsmanship. Dwarven weapons. Dwarven poetry. Weaknesses: She can be prim and judgmental.


Likes: Structure, books, and magical theory. A sarcastic former noble and healing prodigy Strengths: Despite what his bad attitude implies, Micah is a gifted healer. Weaknesses: Rude and arrogant, you might suffer through an injury just to avoid his help. Likes: His own jokes. Likes: Positivity, learning about other cultures, and her ugly-cute cat, Mousebane. Our books take place in the world of Terryn , where civilization was nearly destroyed two-hundred years ago by a magic ritual gone wrong. Foster Pendleton , also known as Foster the Warlock , opened the gates between the Seven Planes , flooding Terryn with monsters. There are guilds for everything the city needs — blacksmiths and bakers and candlestick makers — but every child dreams of joining one of the four High Guilds , founded by the Champions themselves. Founded by Ser Jerra Freestone , the Paladin.

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Apprentices here are called squires. Founded by Zahira Silverglow , the Enchantress. Apprentices here are called novices. All members must renounce their family names and titles, becoming Brothers or Sisters. The guild was founded by Mother Aedra , the Priestess.

Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)
Secrets & Shadows (The Twilight Guild)

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