The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three

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I think I need Carwyn to come ground me to the Earth. What do you say, E? Reread Mount Penglai, China. Gio, Baojia and Beatrice are on their way to China. Tenzin has been summoned by her father which she is not happy about. Where the meet the Immortal Eight. The council consists of two of each element. Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. I love Tenzin's Humor. Why are they doing the bowing thing? Don't you tell them I hate the bowing thing? The book is supposed to give mortals eternal life and vampires would never have drink blood again. The book is hidden in a monastry.

Gio is still an arrogant arse. Beatrice makes her choice and grieves for what she will be giving up. And well it wouldn't be a party without Lorenzo now, would it? I don't like that there was apparent chemistry between Beatrice and Baojia. Elizabeth sure knows how to tell a great story.

Just when you think you're onto the answer, well think again. What I loved most about this installment is the character development of both and Gio and especially Beatrice. I felt truly immersed in they're wonderful bond and connection that they share. Love it! This is still a winner in my books!

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The third installment in this series was filled with action, love and suspense. I'm stating the fourth and final book right now!! View all 4 comments. You might think reading a multiple-book series may get boring or redundant after awhile. Or, maybe the characters get annoying over time.

Or, the story loses it's lustre, leaving you dissapointed.

The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries #3

OR, maybe As not to dissapoint or discourage, the third in the Elemental Mysteries series is kick-ass! I loved this book and would have given it 5 s You might think reading a multiple-book series may get boring or redundant after awhile. I loved this book and would have given it 5 stars but I'll explain why I gave it 4 later. The story picks up pretty much where This Same Earth ended.

Some evidence finally points to B's father being there and after some significant discoveries by Gio and B, they are led to believe answers to the book they seek might be available. Stephen, B's father, has been on the run and has the book we have all come to covet. However, Lorenzo is also believed to know about these developments and they anticipate his arrival.

B is excited and scared to see her father, Gio is anticipating some much sought after answers and everyone has something to gain. But, despite that, the story and it's characters really developed here. We learn more about Stephen and Tenzin and their strange relationship, we see dynamics develop between Gio and B and we glimpse a better view into the complicated nature of vampire politics.

I loved seeing the growth between Gio and B! Where as she was grappling with her humanity in the second book, Gio seems to be doing the same in this book. He wants her for eternity but feels grief over the potential loss of her humanity. But as fate would have it, this is a decision B has to make on her own. I'm not really still harboring resentment against Gio, but I saw an opportunity and took it : But seriously, the depth of Gio and B's love was palpable, raw even.

It was beautiful and pure, I loved watching them grow and blossom even more than I could have imagined. And B? Beautifully written and full of emotion and sadness, this was wonderful. So why not the 5 stars I have given to the prior books? Not really, there was never any threat but still, I question the mere sniff of one, because really, did we need any more drama?

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But aside from that it was amazing and highly entertaining. Great series so Far! Now onto the final book, A Fall of Water I didn't enjoy this third book in the series as much as the previous two. Except that Beatrice finally finds her father who hasn't actually been lost and oh yeah, one of her closest friends knew about it for a year or so and, as I asked after the last book, why couldn't he have called, emailed or written a note? Seriously, I never got that.

Finally though, the big thing does happen. I did not like the dynamic between Giovanni and Beatrice in this book. I know that his possessiveness and constant interruption of whatever she is doing to insist she pay attention to him is supposed to be "romantic" but I found it completely controlling and creepy. A new character was introduced, Baojia, sent by Beatrice's grandfather to protect her. I liked him but making him the third leg in a possible love triangle was unnecessary, totally forced and it fell completely flat.

Then having him view spoiler [desert B in the final battle to go after the monks hide spoiler ] was so out of character for him that it was a total WTF moment. This review is sounding harsh but I still like the series overall. It ends with the next book which I appreciate, and I'm hoping for a big finish but I think this entire book would have been better distilled down into exciting pages as part of the final book.

Yeah, good one. Will elaborate. Edit: This book was so much better than the previous! More dynamic, faster, more of everything. Even a little bit of sex. That's right! Okay, so maybe it was more something like more mentions of sex. The plot was interesting enough that I didn't mind the lack of corporal pleasures. The next one will be better. Anyway, it's a great book and I'm very very curious to see how the story ends! I love Beatrice's character and the development of it. MUCH better now. What can I say, what hasn't already said? This series, written by Elizabeth Hunter , gets better with every addition.

The character development of all involved, be it the main characters or only side roles, are all so well planned out and wonderful to read , that you forget , that there are other things to do besides sitting in a cuddley place and dive into the world of Giovanni and Beatrice. I am sad that I have to start book 4 , because it is the end of the mystery , but I am looking forward What can I say, what hasn't already said?

I am sad that I have to start book 4 , because it is the end of the mystery , but I am looking forward to many more of Elizabeth Hunters books - she has me as her follower for sure. Thank you , Ms Hunter! An Eastern setting, a passionate conflict, an evil villain, and a heartbreaking loss Unknown information kept being shared unexpectedly and the timeline of the story continued to shift rapidly creating confusion and a sense of whiplash for me Oct 20, Patricia Bello rated it really liked it. Gio and B are really perfect for each other.

And they're both so stubborn I wanted to knock their heads together. And they're really the balance of each other.

Don't know why B didn't want to announce that they were married. It was great to get to know Stephen. And Tenzin too, she threw me for a loop lots of times here. Baojia, interesting guy but he needs his own story I guess but waaaay after so many other people. I missed Carwyn. And near the end, my heart squeezed. Looking forward to the nex Gio and B are really perfect for each other. Looking forward to the next book. Mar 03, S. Elizabeth Hunter is quickly becoming one of my go-to authors. There is a certain grace about her writing that I find not only refreshing but immensely appealing.

If you're a fan of paranormal romance, you will love this book and the Elemental Mystery series. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm about to dive into the next one! Nov 05, Daisa rated it it was amazing. Actual Rating: 4. I usually find it boring I know! It sounds boring but its not!

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The mystery coupled with the paranormal aspects and the romance, come together to make a really compelling st Actual Rating: 4. Beatrice and Gio have a lead on where her father may be as well as the mysterious book Lorenzo wants so badly. Really OLD vampires who are extremely powerful, wise and respected. They find what they are looking for This is going to sound a bit crazy considering the subject matter of these books and the nature of some of the characters, but one of the things I really love and appreciate about these books is how realistic and authentic they feel.

Yes it is a series that deals with vampires and magic and elemental manipulation. But as far as the actions and reactions of all the characters and they way they behave, interact with one another, their emotions, strengths and weaknesses That may be why its so easy for me to get lost in these books. In The Force of Wind we get to see just how ruthless and determined Lorenzo is.

He does some insane things in this book and it makes me nervous for whats to come. He knows things I just want him GONE!! I was most impressed with Beatrice in this book. I respect Beatrice because while Gio was a contributing factor in her decision It was refreshing for once to have a character who actually thought about the decision they were making and had valid and convincing reasons.

I really do love Beatrice. A few things were revealed which could be catastrophic for all parties With characters like Lorenzo, sleaze ball of the century, you have to be ready for and expect anything. Nothing is sacred, no one is safe, everyone has an ulterior motive and no one can be trusted.

The Pharaoh: Life at Court and on Campaign by Garry J. Shaw (2012-09-10) by Garry J. Shaw;

The truth is that this one made me cry! A lot. The book starts with Giovanni and Beatrice traveling to China to find Beatrice's father and look for the book that they believe her father, Stephen, has. They may or may not find what they are looking for, but nothing is that easy for them. This is where I started to get a little bored with the book. The author would skip important discussions, yet would go into great detail about weapons. That is one of the few complaints that I had for this spectacular novel. It's not a love triangle, so why introduce that story ark? I didn't get it.

Especially when Beatrice found herself getting caught up in it. I mean what was the purpose? From that point on though, I was hooked! One of the many problems that Beatrice has to face is deciding if she wants to become a vampire. She doesn't like feeling weak and unable to protect the ones she loves, but Giovanni doesn't like the idea of her rushing into it, and thinks she should wait. What will she do? What decision will they make?

Will it be the right one? It was impossible. I loved how brave Beatrice was in this one. She seemed so much more mature and bad-ass. Giovanni was perfect as always; possessive, loving, and protective Giovanni. One of the things I loved about Giovanni the most in this novel was how much he loved Beatrice. He doesn't want her to suffer as a vampire, so he's willing to let her die of old age instead of being with him for eternity. He was very selfless, and I love that about him. Really enjoyed how close Tenzin and Beatrice were in this one, only drawback was I missed Carwyn.

Hopefully, he'll be a bigger character in the final installment. I'm not going to say much more, cause it would be really easy to spoil things for you guys. The main thing that I want to say is that it is a story that will make you cry, and will also make you very happy that you stuck with the series! Beatrice and Gio arrive on a secluded island in the Far East in search of her father, Stephen, and most of all in search of answers. Old friends and new acquaintances will come together in this amazing story to help Beatrice and Gio as they seek to find what the manuscript holds.

What could it possibly hold that Lorenzo would kill for it? So I am really excited to be reviewing The Force of Wind for the blog tour its starts March 5th , but mainly Beatrice and Gio arrive on a secluded island in the Far East in search of her father, Stephen, and most of all in search of answers. ISBN X. See details. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information New paperback edition. How far would you go to protect the ones you love? What would you sacrifice to kill the one you hate? Join Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo as they travel to a hidden island on the far edge of China and seek the help of an ancient immortal court.

Can they weave their way through the tangled web of centuries-old alliances and ruthless feuds to find what they've been looking for? Friends will be revealed, enemies will find them, and a dangerous secret will come to light. The third book in the Elemental Mysteries series will see Giovanni and Beatrice joined by a group of unlikely allies as they explore the history and myth of the far East. Many have been stolen, but only one holds the key. You can also be a guest in the show, just send us why you want to host, and what topic or game you Vision crystal gw2 keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Leather armor is the key to life-saving for the soldiers leather armor of the Cold War era.

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The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries #3

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The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three
The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three
The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three
The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three
The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three
The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three
The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book Three

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