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Units sizes at our complexes range from one to four bedrooms with double or triple occupancy in each room. The number of roommates you will be able to link with will depend upon the available housing inventory at the time of your scheduled arrival.

To ensure we are able to offer the most roommate links possible, this number is finalized the morning registration is opened. We appreciate your understanding.

The Roommate "dis"Agreement by Leddy Harper

When can I register for housing? I have a request. I want to link with a roommate!

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I would like to opt out of company-sponsored housing. I missed my housing registration deadline!

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Housing registration: I have not received my roommate number! You will need to look for a room that has enough open beds for all roommates. Roommate Tools are based on the idea of "groups.

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  8. If that person accepts, they will then be a part of the roommate group. Roommate groups should be limited to no more than four 4 people, including you. There will always be someone in the roommate group designated as the "Group Leader.

    The only time it matters is if the leader wishes to leave the group. Can I choose all of my roommates?

    Do I have to request a roommate? What should I discuss with my future roommate? Once you know who are going to be rooming with, here are some things you might want to talk about before you arrive on campus: What items will you share and who will bring them TV, microwave, video game system, etc.

    The Roommate The Roommate
    The Roommate The Roommate
    The Roommate The Roommate
    The Roommate The Roommate
    The Roommate The Roommate
    The Roommate The Roommate
    The Roommate The Roommate

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