The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)

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H.P. Lovecraft

Poetry and the Gods by H. Polaris by H. Providence by H. Psychopompos by H. The Quest of Iranon by H. The Rats in the Walls by H. Orr for ourfaircity. A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson by H. Lovecraft: A Reminiscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson — Reader Unknown from Archive. Revelation by H. The Rose Of England by H. Lovecraft: St. The Shadow Out of Time by H. The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. The Shunned House by H. The Silver Key by H. The Statement of Randolph Carter by H. The Street by H. Sunset by H. Supernatural Horror in Literature by H. The Temple by H. The Terrible Old Man by H.

The Thing in the Moonlight by H. The Thing on the Doorstep by H. Lovecraft with E. To a Dreamer by H. To Clark Ashton Smith by H.

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To the Old Pagan Religion by H. The Tomb by H. The Transition of Juan Romero by H. The Tree by H. Under the Pyramids by H. The Unnamable by H. The Very Old Folk by H. What the Moon Brings by H. Where Once Poe Walked by H. The Whisperer in Darkness by H. The White Ship — by H. The Wood by H. Yule Horror Festival by H.

Bonus Links About H. Lovecraft: H. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe from Archive. Lovecraft — Read by Jason Watts for Libsyn. This is borne out by an LOC entry I found online as well as a video interview with him. This is a wonderful resource, however. While the late Dudley Knight with a nearly identical voice! As a partial Thank You though, I have just sent two personal email invitations to you, inviting you to join the two Lovecraftian Facebook groups that I founded, The World of H. If you have a direct link I can add, I would love to include this reading. What a debt we owe you.

Thank you! You are very welcome!

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Thanks for this valuable resource. If you feel like adding to your labor of love, a separate section of links where you might need to download the files first would also be useful. Chris, You are very Welcome! Thank You for the input though. This is a really impressive collection. Well done, indeed! And as strange as it sounds, Lovecraftians should also like the fact that I have all the payments for this blog set up for automatic payment from an account that will keep this site here for many years to come even if I were to drop dead tomorrow!

All the best, David. Wonderful resource, I thought I had located all the Lovecraft audio recordings myself, but there are twice as many than I thought there were! And now, Thanks to the help of others giving suggestions, the number has climbed beyond ! Please let me know if you think of any other links I can add, and I will update this blog as soon as I hear from you. And please, give me a hint as to the site where I should look for them too! The mound at uvula audio was narrated by J. I hope these updated links, and all of the Uvula links that are part of The Gateway send a large number of listeners to Uvula to discover everything you offer!

I just wanted to update everyone on a new Lovecraft podcast that was just posted to uvulaaudio. Jim does a great job, as usual, and he brings a real chill to this reading. Enjoy on this link below:. Kudos to you, sir. I hate to imagine the amount of time and effort it took to find all these links and then post them here. Somebody should give you a medal. Three, even. Yes, it has taken a great amount of time and typing to put The Gateway together; but it is never going to be a finished project, as it keeps growing.

Dear Kristeen, Thank You sincerely for the updated information on your reading of the discarded draft of H. If you do any other Lovecraftian readings, please let me know about them too. Many,many good readers unknown to me. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource. Thanks for all of this stuff. As far as I can tell Will this is the last of the Lovecraft that has yet to have audio recordings done of them. If anybody knows of anything on the list that has had an audio done of it please let me know. Barlow Bothon Henry S. Whitehead The Challenge from Beyond C.

Moore, A. Merritt, Robert E. Rimel The Thing in the Moonlight J. Barlow The Trap Henry S. So they will never be part of this Lovecraft Gateway. Morgan Scorpion has her reading of Herbert West Re-animator posted here and maybe more Lovecraft audios that are not on the wall yet. Thank You to you, and an apology to Julia Morgan Scorpion for my having not added these before!

Please note: I only add the YouTube readings when no other audio-only versions are available, or the YouTube versions have some extra features added to the readings. You posted your comment just four minutes after I got my official notification that my dear friend Julia Morgan Scorpion had posted her latest reading on YouTube! Lovecraft by Leslie Klinger, with some of the images provided by Yours Truly! Anyway, I thought you might like a link to our bookcast. Jim Campanella, as usual, does an awesome job of narrating these scary stories. Reblogged this on Konrad Hartmann.

Let me know. I do have the ability to listen to, and also copy, the BBC audio that is available, but it is not a proper link for The Gateway here…. It is definitely a Lovecraft story, but you can see that Bishop had her fingers all over it— and probably for the better! Now my man, this is legendary!

Absolutely top-drawer work. Not one to ignore the inscrutable exhortations of my soul, I came straight to your treasure trove and was delighted to find a masterful production compiled by none other than yourself.

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Your dramatic reading was superb! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I am sincerely flattered by your choosing my rendition of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward for your entertainment; and even more flattered by your taking the time to share your very kind thoughts here, in such a public way! Lovecraft Audio. Pingback: Hear Dramatizations of H. Lovecraft Pulp Crazy. Hi, Cannot seem to find anyone with this lovecraft book anyway beside Audible etc.

Pingback: The Shunned House — H. This is so awesome. Jim does a great job, as usual, and he brings a real shiver to this reading. I love his New England accent— though I am not sure how authentic it is. Enjoy the first volume of the story on this link below— Volume 2 is coming next week:. This is simply one of the best things I have ever heard. Thank you very much! I adore HP Lovecraft thank you so much for placing these links here and thank you so much for your hard work and your readings you definitely have a fan in me your friend Crow.

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Subscribe in a reader. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! CthulhuWho1's Blog. Skip to content. Posted on September 7, by cthulhuwho1. Like this: Like Loading Lovecraft , H. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe , H. Wittkower , D. Bookmark the permalink. Axel says:. September 11, at am. You Are Very Welcome! And there is more to come! July 7, at pm. July 8, at am. Leah says:. September 15, at pm. Will Hart. Madame Vauquer says:.

Dear Madame Vauquer Dagny , You are very welcome! Chris Jarocha-Ernst says:. Alan Smithee says:. September 12, at am.

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September 13, at am. Thanks again, Will! David says:. September 14, at am. David, Many Thanks for the words of support! Julia Morgan MorganScorpion says:. September 16, at pm. Dear Julia, I too was shocked by the quantity of links I found as I dug deeper and deeper all over the web! The Selected Stories of H.

Abraham Merritt. The Nameless City.

The Door to Saturn. Moore SF Gateway Omnibus. The House on the Borderland. William Hope Hodgson. Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The Ice-Demon. The Lurking Fear. The Charnel God. The Strange High House in the Mist. When the Green Star Calls. Lin Carter. The Silver Key. Catch a Falling Star. John Brunner. Works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Lovecraft Short Stories. Lovecraft's Tales of Terror. The Rats in the Walls and Other Tales. Mark Twain. Various Authors. Oscar Wilde. Jay Lake. The Sea-Story Megapack. Jack Williamson.

Complete Works of H.

The Haunter of the Dark

Lovecraft "The Master of Horror Fiction". Kenneth Grahame. The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath. The Horror Megapack. Steve Rasnic Tem. Leigh Grossman. Henry S. Whitehead Henry S. Whitehead Whitehead. Jekyll and Mr. Franz Kafka. Works Of H. Cynthia Asquith. Lewis Carroll. The Descendant. The Colour Out of Space. Eldritch Tales. Leonid Andreyev. Lovecraft Omnibus, Book 3. Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos. James Turner. Edgar Allan Poe. Classic Tales of Horror. Mary Shelley. The Cthulhu Mythos. The Dreams in the Witch House.

The Dunwich Horror. The Curse of Yig. The Alchemist.

The Call of Cthulhu (by H. P. Lovecraft) Horror Audiobook, Cthulhu Mythos

Complete 30 Romance Gothic Horror Anthologies. The Cats of Ulthar Illustrated Edition. Timeless Tales of Terror. Top Five Classics. The Dream Cycle. Horror Short Stories. The Dream Cycle of H. Lovecraft: Dreams of Terror and Death. Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos Tales. Annie Roe Carr. At the Mountains of Madness. Arthur Conan Doyle. Waking Up Screaming. Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos. Lovecraft Omnibus, Book 1. Lovecraft Illustrated. The Shadow Over Innsmouth.

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Dagon and Other Macabre Tales H. Lovecraft Omnibus, Book 2. The New Annotated H.

The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14) The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)
The Temple (H.P. Lovecraft Ebooks Book 14)

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